Did You Ever Think Why Are There Stickers On Fruits & Vegetables?

Those small stickers you see on fruits and some veggies tell you quite a bit! The fruit you are eating is it grown naturally or conventionally? By looking at the fruit sticker you can find if the fruit you are eating is safe or not. The 4 or 5 digit PLU code tell you about its origin, growing methodology and the size of the group. Reading this article will change your current opinion about fruit stickers.

What does the PLU code say?

PLU code or Product Look-Up code are the numbers starting with 3,4,8 or 9  that appears on the fruit stickers which are intended to tell the fruit-seller about the varying prices of two different varieties of same fruit or veggie. But it also stands for other information regarding the origin and quality of different varieties of fruits.Are your fruits grown Organically?Via
How will you know this? Well, you can .. by reading its PLU code.#A four digit code that begins with 3 or 4 means that the fruit is grown conventionally or ‘traditionally’. This code will be unchanged in every city and country. For example, the code for conventionally grown bananas will be 4011 in The US as well as in Mexico and any other places.

#A five digit code beginning with 8 means that the fruit or vegetable is GMO product i.e, Genetically modified.

#A five digit code starting with 9 is the one which is produced Organically. And is always suggested to be brought and consumed as they are considered healthy.

Why Nine is Fine?

Organic food is prevailed over genetically modified food items and thus there exists a difference in their prices. The reason why GMO are not mentioned sometimes is that they could be either a USDA certified an organic product or is believed to be equivalent to the organic food item.

Major drawbacks of PLU code system

Like the two sides of a coin, this system too has some drawbacks along with its necessity.#These codes are administered by International Federation for Produce Standards, but it is the choice of fruits-sellers to paste it on an item. Since it is not necessary to attach the codes on fruits, sellers sometimes are free to sell fruits without PLU code.

# GMO producers are not mentioned in PLU codes sometimes, as they are believed to be equally healthy as organic fruits. Which is proved wrong in some researches and studies

4 things to remember while purchasing organic items:

#1. Buy fruits with 5 digit PLU code starting with 9.
#2. Buy if it is mentioned as 100% organic.
#3. Check if the product is USDA certified GMO.
#4. Purchase items with any local farmer who grow items organically.