Effortless Ways To Keep Your Mind, Body and Soul Calm


Life these days is tangled that sometimes time is less even to breathe then keep aside the basic necessities like have supper, relaxing on weekends, etc. At times it happens that you discover free time then you feel incomplete. Then there is a time when you might reflect upon what is exactly happening and in which direction are you heading. There is so much to deal with but what is left out is the inner self and keeping the inner self at ease is very important. In this article, we are letting out all the secrets of soothing yourself down.

#1. Wear socks

Yes, you read it right. Keeping your feet warm will help you to stay calm. Via

#2. Walk down the memory lane

Remember the time of your childhood that you spent at your grandparent’s place eating sweets all day, eating delicacies made by your Grandma with a dollop of ghee on it, going fishing with Grandpa, watching TV all day without your parents asking you to sleep, because it is your time. The list will never end but thinking about these beautiful memories will definitely end your day’s stressful thoughts. Via

#3. Close the doors of your virtual world

Switch off your phone and laptop and try to chill out for some time without them. There is nothing much important happening at an odd hour of the day. Via

#4. Sleep in comfy clothes

Do not wear or sleep in tight fitting clothes nobody is watching you when you are at home. Slip into your extra large tshirt and PJs. Via

#5. Warm bubble bath

Start your day with a bubbly bath. It will help your muscles relax and induce your sleep as well. Via

#6. Essential Oil

Use essetial oils in your house. These oils have magical effects and also are good medications for modern day problems like stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Essential oils are essential as they help in calming you down. Via