This Is The Easiest Trick To Get People To Like You


First dates are always awkward. Rather, meeting anyone for the first time can be awkward. So what should you do? What to say to get them feeling comfortable? How should you break the ice with strangers?

All these questions go on in about everyone’s mind when they meet new people. But how many can manage to charm others in the first time itself? Is there a way to learn tricks to get people to like you? Yes, there are.

Here are some easy techniques you can apply when you’re meeting someone new –

Ask questions but don’t judge

Nobody likes to be judged. Be genuinely interested in getting to know new people, but don’t judge them. People don’t open up freely when they’re being judged. Let them know that they can feel at ease with you only then they will reveal their true self.

That doesn’t mean you should agree with everything they say. You can disagree, but while doing so, don’t be resentful or rude. Make your point with respect and don’t make your listener feel inferior.

Take a step back on the ego

It is scientifically proven that you won’t get anywhere when you’re trying to disregard or correct other people’s views. When people come across with a contradicting fact for their opinions, the logical part of their brain shuts down and it prepares for a fight. It’s similar to the fight or flight response.

Instead, avoid the urge to correct people when they’re talking and let them finish what they have to say. You can give out your opinions when they’re done telling their story but do so in a nice manner.

Polish your listening skills

Being a good listener doesn’t mean suppressing your view points on a certain matter. It means paying attention to the speaker first and then thinking about your inputs on a subject. If you’re constantly thinking giving out your tit-bits, how will you focus on what they’re saying?

Well, some people are boring, but if you want them to like you, you’ll have to be polite nonetheless. Try to nod once in a while and utter a soft ‘uh-huh’, which lets them know that you’re listening to them. Don’t interrupt while they’re speaking and don’t try to evaluate or judge their statements.

How to get people to instantly be interested in you

Here’s a quick question you can ask anyone and they’d be interested in speaking to you.

Everyone faces difficulties in life – old or young, rich or poor. Everyone

People face challenges and they love to talk about them. Ask them about the challenges they had to face in their current job, project, living conditions, as a parent, as a newly wed. You can get people talking immediately if you ask them about the difficulties they are facing.

These were a few tricks that can help you break the ice with literally anyone. Whether you’re at a professional party or enjoying a drink with your new date, the techniques can help you get going in no time.