This Is Why You Don’t Need To Be Positive All The Time


In the fake smiles and forced laughter, we all hide our deep-rooted fears and the skeletons of our closet. On the outside, everything’s great because our mascara is on point but if only one could read minds, one would know that we’re barely holding it together. The only reason we have happy pictures on our social media accounts is because this generation pays more attention to looking happy than actually being happy.

But the truth is hidden in every form. Our failures, our insecurities, and our discomforts are just waiting to burst open but we’re only holding it in because we don’t want to look like freaks. We don’t need to be told ‘everything is great’ or ‘there’s a reason for every bad thing’, because sometimes we just need to be told that Life. Actually. Sucks.

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It’s exhausting to be in a world where everyone is forced to be positive and anyone who seems even slightly off-balance is considered weird. We don’t want to practice meditation when we’re having an anxiety attack. We don’t want to feel happy when we’re going through a break-up and we simply don’t want to laugh when we’ve been crying ourselves to sleep for nights in a row. Being positive is taking a toll on us and we just want to take it break.

We want to be left alone in our solitude so that we can heal on our own. We need to cry and till we can’t cry anymore. We need to stay in our pajamas all day and not step out of the house. We need to watch re-runs of our favorite romantic movies and binge on a whole tub of ice cream.

It’s OK that we’re not our best every day. It’s OK that life isn’t always sunshine and unicorns.  Some days it’s OK to cry and let it all out. We can smile another day and look at the positive side of things later. For right now, we don’t want to struggle to feel happy, but just embrace the fact that we have courage and we’re using every last ounce of it to make ourselves better and keep it going for us. It’s our battle and we love your efforts but sometimes we just need to fight alone.