Here Are Donald Trumps 7 Ex-Girlfriends


Donald Trump is famous for his witty behavior and language. He has been around for ages as a real estate mogul, television personality, and author. Now that he’s started his campaign for the presidency the idea that his current wife may become the first lady. But before there was Melania, Donald Trumps had his fair share of models and beautiful girlfriend who could have been the First Lady.

Here we have a list of his ex-girlfriends.

1. Ivana Trump 1977-1991


Married back on April 7, 1977, the two had three children together. They worked together on business projects and seemed like a match made in heaven. But after rumors began to spread that Donald Trump was having an affair with Marla Maples, Ivana called it quits in 1991 and took nearly half of everything he owned.

2. Gabriela Sabatini 1989


 While Donald Trump was still married to Ivana, he dated Gabriela Sabatini in June. They  split after only a month.

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3. Carla Bruni1991-1991


Carla Bruni used to be with Mick Jagger, but after they split she got together with Donald Trump. Their rocky relationship didn’t last long, and “[Carla] was trying to get me to leave Marla, something I had in mind anyway, and she was using every psychological trick in the book. In the end, Carla became a woman who is very difficult to even like.”

4. Rowanne Brewer 1993


When Donald Trump started dating Rowanne Brewer, as they were leaving a Christmas party and the paparazzi were following them, Trump’s bodyguard whispered to Brewer, “You better call your mother, because you’re going to be on the cover of every magazine and newspaper in the United States.”

When asked about her ex-boyfriend, she said, “He was a gentleman. He was funny!”

Their jobs took them to separate ways and on separate sides of the coast.

5. Marla Maples1993-1999


They had met back in 1985 when she was only 21, while he was still with Ivana. Two years after his marriage with Ivana ended, Trump and Marla Maples got married. They had a daughter, Tiffany just two months after their marriage. The couple got divorced after only six years.

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6.Allison Giannini 1998


While Donald Trump was with his second wife, Marla, a rumor started spreading that he hooked up with Allison Giannini.

7. Kara Young 2001


Donald Trump was caught up in a love triangle with Kara Young and gossip columnist, A.J. Benza. During an interview on the Howard Stern’s radio show, he told Benza that Kara Young was done with him. Only to have Kara Young call in moments later to explain the situation.

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