Same Doll, Same Old Horror- Annabelle: Creation Review


Horror films are not horror anymore- Annabelle 2

They are the same old cliches with minor changes thrown about here and there with the same sequences just put together in a different order in Annabelle 2. There is always a dark house far away from normal humanity because obviously, ghosts don’t do populated avenues. Also, somehow the houses are always dark and not properly lit because ghosts also do not like the lights, and somehow every horror movie is replete with cliches. Via

Apparently, dolls became famous in the Horror Cinematic Universe when Conjuring and its sequel Conjuring 2, inspired by the works of Ed and Lorraine Warren, hit the theatres and earned itself a movie, Annabelle. Annabelle: Creation is a prequel to the latter, and somehow it’s creators never realize that Dolls only have a particular reel life.

The movie takes us back to some medieval house on the prairie and somehow tainting the memory of Wuthering Heights

Anthony LaPaglia obviously plays doll maker who lives in an apparently huge house with only a wife(Played by Miranda Otto) and a daughter mutilated by accident. Apparently the girl, after meeting a tragic accident, is now possessed by a devil, and the devil does what demons are known to build an empire on Earth; use stuffed dolls. And guess what happens next?! The house is later used as an orphanage for girls of all ages. Via

Same old dolls, same old stories where the ghost only scares you if you look behind your back.