The Disney Characters you thoroughly enjoyed watching


Yes, we are excited writing about them and we are very sure that the very blood in your body must be bubbling around in all the nooks and creeks as well. There is a Disney fan in all of us, whether we agree to it or not. We think that we are wasting time like this, so we start the list:-

1. Do you remember Mickey Mouse?? The very first character that rushes like a tornado and hit us. He really made our childhood worthwhile.



2. Everyone out there knows this cute little duck. He is loud and has the strangest and funniest voice, especially when he loses his temper.



3. Ladies and gentlemen and all the kids, give a round of applause for Goofy! Listening to his chuckled laugh can make you smile instantly.



4. Tinkerbell is a fairy and she is there in Peter Pan movie. She is always kind and teaches kids that it is OK to have different abilities.



5. Minnie Mouse is an epitome of sweetness and kindness, every kid wants a friend like her.



6. Mulan is admired for showing every fiber of dauntlessness in her.

7. The pot bellied beer, Winnie the Pooh who loves honey and we love him and his friends.

8. People and kids still believe in her ingenuity and kindness. She is the Snow White.

9. Remember the Pluto? We all want a pet like him at all times.


10. Everyone is crazy in love with Baymax and of us need a friend like him.



We hope that most of our readers would agree with us. We need to catch a Disney movie tonight!! Who’s with us?