Why Is It Difficult To Walk Out Of A Broken Relationship?


Relationships are tough. Not one relationship will be perfect and they’re hard to break away from. If you’ve had a friend who has stayed in a broken relationship, you would have wondered the reason behind it. The longer you invest in a relationship, the more difficult it is to walk away. You have invested your emotions and efforts for so long, it would imply, all of it going to waste if the relationship goes to doom.

Why is it hard to walk out of a broken relationship?

Our time here is very limited. If we choose to commit to someone, we are willing to invest a lot into the relationship. Often, in long-term relationships, the couple gets involved in terms of emotions, finances and probably even children. To completely isolate yourself from that person is going to be very tough if you have joint finances or kids together. You will need to sort out financial accounts or kid visits so it is never easy to simply cut them out of your life.

Strong feelings are involved

Since you have been with your partner for such a long time, you will still care for them. You may not feel that it is wise to continue with the relationship, but you will definitely know that you don’t hate them. It is going to be hard to step out of a relationship if you and your partner still feel strongly for one another.

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Children will be a part of the relationship

Some couples also find it difficult to leave if they have children involved. You might want to separate from your partner, but it won’t be possible to keep your children out of the picture. You will have to sort out the custody and visiting issue if you’re planning to opt for a divorce. Many people can’t get over the fact that they have to give up time with their kids. Instead of spending everyday with them, they get to see them every other weekend or only on holidays.

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Financial concerns

You and your partner may own a home and properties together. Legal matters to solve the finances may take a toll on both partners. If you or your partner was the only earning member of the family, it would be a lot of trouble to find a new job that pays well. Child care and alimony payments are something that people usually worry about on top of everything else.

There are many reasons to continue staying in a broken relationship. You could leave if you want to, but the choice should be yours. You should be able to decide what’s best for you and take your steps accordingly. Avoid any hasty decisions and if you are planning to leave, make sure you figure out all the details so you have everything covered.