The “Dear Zindagi” Teasers Will Make You Wonder Why Alia And SRK Never Did A Movie Together Before


It’s finally here! The official first look for the much anticipated ‘ Dear Zindagi ’ starring SRK and Alia Bhatt has been revealed and we can’t help but admire the chemistry they share. The movie is directed by Gauri Shinde and the film will be in theatres on November 25th. The movie promises to be a different one where the actor has already made everyone drool with his charm in the movie’s first teaser.

We just can’t stop gushing over their cute chemistry! See For Yourself:

Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt will be seen together for the first time in any movie!



Watch the first teaser-


The first teaser was released on October 19. In the teaser Alia and Shahrukh were seen playing Kabaddi the sea because “life is a game”.



In the second teaser, Alia looks so lovely while cracking awful jokes, while Shahrukh asks her to do better.



I too want to have Shah Rukh Khan as my life coach. I wish I was as lucky as Alia!



Shah Rukh’s name in the movie is Jehangir Khan.



The happy child! I guess Shah Rukh did a perfect job as a life coach.



Alia is playing the role of Kayra, who is a cinematographer.



Instead of a conventional trailer, there will be two more such teasers.



Do not forget to watch the second teaser: