Here Are The Craziest Things That Happened At The Barber’s, As Told By Real Hairstylists


If talking about passions, one just cannot help but mention the trade of Hairstylists. After all, they are that elusive group of people who love to dedicate their lives to tending to the brown cascades. And if you look at it, it does seem like a nice job, with good working conditions and doing what you love all day. But have you ever wondered what lies on the other side of the coin?

Here are the pick of those:

1. One can always hear these in the corner of a salon

2. The stinky smell

According to one karinm46677b439, there was a customer who hadn’t washed her hair in a year and gave an excuse stating she had a problem with her back, which was a lie. When they started shampooing her, big yellow and brown chunks started coming out of her hair and the attendant started gagging. After the lady had left, they literally had to spray the saloon with a can of air freshener.

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4. They are always people who don’t pay their bills

5. The people with high level of adrenaline*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

6.The hair/fungus culture

One Ellie Elger writes that she came across a client who would just tie her wet hair into a bun without drying them. After a year, she came for a haircut and left with a pixie cut; because there were moulds of fungus in them.

7. The lice factory