These Comfort Food Shows That Indians Enjoying The Monsoon With Big Heart And Appetite!


“Monsoon”- a perfect weather to watch Virat Kholi’s play or listening to Kishore Kumar’s songs, to have a cup of tea and a good book or go outside to feel the beauty of nature and many other things people used to do during the whole chillout season after scorching heat.

But when I talk about Indians then whatever the weather be, we people celebrate it with big heart and appetite and for us, different weather means the different type of food.

There are 8 comfort foods that Indian love to eat during monsoon, let’s check out!


Famously called “Bhutta” is the favorite and comfort food in the rainy season.



The tasty fried snack with hot chili sauce provides you soothing comfort on a gloomy rainy day.



This 2 minutes Maggi I love the most because preparing snacks will take time and you may miss the pitter-patter of raindrops.



Mummy, please make yummy Pakora because it’s raining! Onion pakora, potato pakora, chilli pakora and paneer pakora and many more varieties you can try this season.



Hop-hot soup of tomato during rainy days keep you energetic and stuff every day.


#Chips and Onion Dip 

Onion dip and chips idea is best because it can save your lazy soul from cooking.



One more Indian snack can make your monsoon delightful and this is none other than samosa, nothing can go beyond the pure joy of eating tasty and spicy samosa.


#Sabudana Vada 

You have a variety in Sabudana vada too, opt for deep fried, shallow fried or baked version of it and best part none will disappoint you.

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