China’s New Driverless Train Has Ditched Rail Tracks Over Virtual Painted Tracks


China, the country is known for its effort to push boundaries and creating world’s first yet smart technologies is recently unveiled the first ever ‘ART’ train design which is sort of bus, tram hybrid and train all in one tech.

Rather than the normal metal rails, this newly driverless train will follow white dotted lines painted on the roads as it runs on rubber tires instead of metal rails.

‘ART’ stands for Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit called as a “smart bus” by its creator CRRC(Chinese rail transit firm). This fully electric and driverless 30-meter long bus/train with the help of  series of sensors travel over white lines on roads and pavements that act as ‘virtual rails’

#According to a report by Chinese state media Xinhua, it’ll cost less than subway tram tracks because $102 million for just one kilometer of subway track required while this ART needs $2 million only.


#The current 4-mile track is planned for the Zhuzhou(Chinese city)  and will be operational in 2018.


#300 passengers at a time can board on this train but further in future promises up to 500 people.


#The 30-meter long driverless train is guided by white lines on roads and pavements that are known as virtual rails.

#Check Out The Action Of World’s First Virtual Train Track:

China’s another world’s first is amazing!

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