Check Out These Useful Websites and Apps To Spend Your Time Productively On Internet

Useful Android Apps

We are so much dedicated to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram that we don’t even know about so many useful websites that could be very helpful. Following are some useful websites and apps that can be browsed to use the internet productively:


useful websites and apps

As the name suggest, this website shows almost the entire trending news headlines in some colour-coded blocks on the computer screen. Each color defines either the category or the specific country related to the news. The size depicts the importance of the news like how much trending or important the news is.

2. Getnotify

useful websites and apps

An email tracking service provider, getnotify notifies the sender when the email has been received and read. What makes it best is the fact that the services are free, unlike other tracking service providers. To start availing the services, we need to sign-up, follow some easy steps and GETnotified.

3. Livestream

useful websites and apps

It is the easiest way to broadcast any event live using a camera and a computer through the Internet. Cloud streaming service includes playback on any device, DVR, analytics, ad insertion etc.

4. Trello

useful websites and apps

If you are not able to manage or organize tasks, project etc. Trello is one of the best ways to organize anything using Kanban style cards. It organizes the things in a very easy and flexible manner.

5. Fitday

useful websites and apps

Are you a fitness freak? If yes, then fitday is the app for you. It creates fitness goals, tracks food, and log daily activities. On fitday, one can find and read latest fitness articles and tips for a healthy life.

6. 3-min Journal

useful apps

An online application that keeps track of everything going on in our life, From our accomplishments to our emotional status, everything is tracked under 3-min journal and one can even scale up against others in the community.


useful websites and apps

Manualslib is a place where one can find manuals, guides for almost any product. It is a kind of search engine for product manuals. So now no need to worry about how to use new products without fluctuations.

8. Triplt

useful websites and apps

Do you love traveling??Triplt organizes all the travel plans in one place. It even finds flights, hotel bookings and finally prepares a master itinerary to make the traveling easier than ever before.

9. 750 words

useful websites and apps

If writing is your passion than 750 words is the place to express your thoughts and ideas. On 750words it is not mandatory for the writer to make the work public. It is the choice of the writer for the privacy of the article.

10. Enodomondo

useful websites and apps

Another fitness app, Endomodo keeps track of our daily workout. It is kind of personal trainers which not only suggest exercise but analyze our work out and show our performance in a pictorial manner, hence help us to stay motivated.