This Casually Swinging Picture Of Farhan Akhtar Will Make You Struggle For Oxygen For Sure!


Farhan Akhtar is honestly the artist we need in the industry for all the good reasons he has- an ace director, rich singer, breathtaking actor, and so on…. but at the same time might you don’t like him because he is too bad.

Yes.. he is bad because he has no idea about the mistakes he made and making to look so hot that their fans can’t focus on work.

Similarly, to prove this I have his recent picture, take a look along with the tweets:

#And here is the pictures of my heartthrob’s. 

#frolicfriday #funtimes #onceachildalwaysachild Image by @errikosandreou

A post shared by Farhan Akhtar (@faroutakhtar) on

#It’s true

# Thank you, Farhan for this amazing glance 

#You can’t call him cute, he extra hot bae

#Sculpted is the WORD!

#And mine fats have fats:-p

#No, may he is illegal 

#Janta jawab chahti hain :-p

# It’s every girl’s story after seeing him  

# Hunk

# And too hot for me 

And here is surprise for you, his one more intense yet hot look:

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