He Captures Exact Moment People Are Told They’re Beautiful


Sometimes the easiest things can make the biggest difference. The world is beautiful anyway.

Turkish travel photographer Mehmet Genç is a man who seeks inspiration from the artistic canvas that is our world. He’s earned the professional nickname of Rotasız Seyyah, which basically means “nomad without a route.” One of his fresh projects seeks to see what happens when people are complimented. The results are beautiful.

Remember that everywhere, everyone is fighting their own personal struggles. These kinds of simple compliments can really make a difference. Try to be nice with each other.

Stop over at Rotasız Seyyah’s page to see more of his amazing work.

1. It’s truly amazing what can happen when a solid human connection is made.



2. The connection can last a lifetime, or be a fleeting moment to remember.


3. Sometimes all it takes to make the connection is saying a few words.Words have more power than most of us realize.



4. He’s made a point of making human connections throughout his travels.


5. This is how he gets these glorious photos of raw, real-time emotion. The connections he made in this project came from compliments.



6. He snapped a “Before” picture. The “Before” reveal insight into who these women are, but nothing compares to what happens in the “Afters.”


7. To capture these incredible “After” shots, he told the women, quite simply, that they are beautiful. Every woman knows the power behind these warm words.



8. These women are from different places in the world, but you’ll notice their reactions are very similar. It’s amazing what a compliment can do, isn’t it?



9. This is one of my personal favorites. You can feel the reaction coming through the photo in a way that’s hard to explain — even for a writer.



10. Just look at this for a moment. The difference is huge! To be able to see these expressions side-by-side is such a gift to our understanding of the human condition.


No matter who you are, where you are, or what you do, it’s incredibly hard not to feel a sense of happiness when someone compliments you. You know it’s true.