You Cannot Afford To Miss These Must Eats At Connaught Place!!

must eats at Connaught Place

Connaught place, very well known as the cultural and entertainment hub of Delhi is that place in the country’s capital where you will find a wide range of options not only in terms of accessories to get for your next party but also when it comes to toothsome and mouth-watering food. Brimming with a plethora of old eateries, food stalls , bars and restaurants, this place provides a great opportunity to not only get a hint of the fast-paced rhythm of the city but also it tastes buds. Let us walk you through the list of must eats at Connaught Place.

1. KACHORI WITH ALOO KI SABZI near Hanuman Mandir

must eats at Connaught Place

This wicked spicy thing is the one which will leave you wanting more. But make sure that you have a bottle of water with you because it is surely going to host a hot chilly party inside your mouth!

2. SIZZLERS at Gola Sizzler

must eats at Connaught Place

Now, this amazing sizzler will definitely add some fun to the hot chilly party with its own sizzle.

3. ALOO CHAT near Hamilton Housemust eats at Connaught Place

To add a tinge of zesty flavours to the party, you got to have this chaat, don’t you?


must eats at Connaught Place

The specialty of Connaught Place: Bhel Puri. The CP exploration is incomplete without tasting this snack.

5. SHAKE at Keventers

must eats at Connaught Place

After enough of the burning hot chilly party, let your mouth give a sigh of relief with the chilled shakes that come in a number of different flavors.


must eats at Connaught Place

Now come on, who doesn’t like these?

7. RAJMA CHAWAL at Parashar Foods

must eats at Connaught PlaceNow, who doesn’t love Rajma Chawal? Enjoy the taste of scrumptious Rajma at CP.

8. BUTTER CHICKEN at Kake Da Dhaba

must eats at Connaught Place

Now let us not forget our non-vegetarian foodies. We have got a lot in stock for you too and life is so better when you have Butter Chicken.

9. COLD COFFEE at Deepauls

must eats at Connaught Place

Now that we have not even explored half of this amazing place and are quashed by fatigue already, let’s just sit back for a moment and let our body rejuvenate with every sip of this delicious cold coffee.

10. SOUTH INDIAN THALI at Sarvana Bhawan

must eats at Connaught Place

From north to south we have got every kind of food item right here in the capital city of ours. So for the love of South India let us dip our fingers in the sambhar and enjoy the appetizing idlis.

11. SOUTH INDIAN SNACK behind Jantar Mantar

must eats at Connaught Place

Want more of the South Indian food? Don’t you worry, we have got a place for that too?

12. TEA

must eats at Connaught Place

Chai- The drink India can’t live without! After all the fun and madness we foodies experienced here in Connaught place, let us end this exploration with a steaming hot cup of our all time favorite beverage.


must eats at Connaught Place

After having tasted so many varieties of food, a nice delectable desert is undoubtedly indispensable. Let’s grab some.

14. PAAN at Odean Paan Shop

must eats at Connaught Place

Ever tasted an ROOHAFZA PAAN? Don’t you scratch your head, because you won’t find it anywhere but here at Connaught Place. So come let’s treat us with this peculiar new variety of paan.