Can Men and Women be “Just Friends”?


Obviously, this was considered as an important and as an interesting topic around 10 years ago. Male and female reactions differed on a couple of key things. There are certain things like age, bonding experience and relationship depth, which should be taken into consideration before debating about the topic or a concept.

There are cases, where men and women have been friends for a long time and share a good relationship without any distractions. We all have friends, who are from an opposite gender and share a good relationship just like general friends. Sometimes, There are lots of advantages of having an opposite sex as a good friend.

Ladies additionally have a different kind of advantage of having an opposite sex friendship. They will probably enjoy the advantage of their male companions paying for shopping, movies and other things. These things could the friendship, as the men feel that they have been cheated and utilized for their personal use.

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Most of the surveys backs the idea that, men and women may have altogether different objectives and wishes in inter sex friendship. Men and women both may once in a while be searching for a friend and nothing more. On different events, opinions and mindset may divert and take a different leap from the friendship. Overall, men are known to take women as a sexual and emotional partner by trying in all the ways possible. Women have a tendency to lean toward non-sexual relationship, which gives security and a good companion to hang out.

Women have a great amount of patience to wait for a men’s move and use it to dominate men in all the ways possible for a long time. There are cases, where women would to take a leap and controls because of her ego. Men do not take it seriously in the cases of his expectations are not met and a continuous expense involved in the relationship. In this way, because of the different kind of wishes, The relationship may get ruined and ending the relationship.

It is important for both to be matured enough to handle the relationship in an adult way. Every friendship will involve a personal agenda, excluding sexual orientation. An adult deals with the friendship diplomatically, in order to avoid ruining the friendship than kids.


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Sometimes, it is hard to have the same kind of relationship after involving in sex. One should understand the diverse friendship requirement in basic. It is very basic for individuals to consider what they need before building a relationship, as the friendship could cost you a lot and end up with a depression.

The need of people varies, It depends on person to person. These desires could range from fame, money, sex and others duty. It is important to know our limits after knowing about our partner, There is no way that we would give out a chance to mix up things to make it a bigger mess.