Can this be the Last MWC for Blackberry?


For some time, the smartphone industry has hit a block and no real innovation has been taking place. Even Samsung and Apple have not been able to push the envelope and there is a takeover of the smartphone market by cheap and spec loaded Chinese smartphone manufacturers. There have been a lot of new entrants, each adding another gig of RAM, another camera, or maybe make the bezels a bit thinner. And in this market, Blackberry is trying to find its feet.

Blackberry is famous for sticking to the old ways, and since have not been able to consolidate any market share of any proportions. Somehow, their obsession with their keypad and touchpad has sunk them to greater length. When once Blackberry was considered a sartorial necessity with a suit and a tie for the business community, it has long faded into oblivion with the business community also opting for a rather swanky phone with all the new fangled technology. After all, you cannot give all those amazing apps just for the sake of typing an email faster.

Blackberry too realized that its market share was dwindling and decided to move to Android but for some reason, their phones were a bit too pricey, and at that price range, people chose to buy a premium off the top seller instead of a Blackberry, a really volumetric device with a keypad attached to it. At the time when the smartphones were becoming thinner and lighter, Blackberry still takes pride in the fact that it has got a keypad!

At the MWC

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The Canadian Smartphone maker released the new Blackberry KeyOne at the MWC, 2017, presently underway at Barcelona. It packs in Android Nougat 7.1, an Octa-Core 2.0 GHz CPU, a Qualcomm SoC, 3 gigs of RAM and obviously the keyboard. Another great feature about this phone is its security. Blackberry, previously known as Research in Motion(RIM) tightly integrates their hardware and software encryption mechanisms to provide a level of data protection on a lost device that is currently unavailable on iOS and Android, among other security features, some of which are actually good, well, if you are running for President.

Present smartphone user’s concerns are really not about whether their phones are secured or not but are rather that whether their smartphone can capture a picture in low light or not, or whether their phone packs a good battery life, or whether it has boost charge or not.

The Blackberry Passport and Blackberry Z10 were not a success, and Blackberry is KeyOne would carry them through this super crazy smartphone market. Also, somewhere at the back of their minds, they would have wondered whether this might also turn out to be their last MWC. Who knows?

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