Bollywood Adult Comedy Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss


The Bollywood community is so vast that it has something for everyone. Then the multifaceted actors that Bollywood has enabled it to deliver a variety of projects without much difficulty.
Adult Comedy will arouse the hidden feelings within you humorously. They are Puntastic to watch.

1. BA Pass

This movie made a lot of hustle bustle and hush and shush when it released. Based on a movie “The Railway Aunty”. The plot progresses in a very interesting portraying how an innocent boy doing his graduation becomes a male escort. All because of his neighbor. Via

2. Gangs of Wasseypur

Want to see the raw side of the Indians. But keep in mind that you watch it alone because I am sure you won’t like to see the steamy scenes with your family. Via

3. Hunterr

This movie very nicely explains what sex addiction can lead to. There is $ex, $ex and $ex. The thirst is not quenched even after marriage. The youngsters would enjoy this. Via

4. Delhi Belly

This is termed as Black Comedy. Released in 2011 this movie gave an important message 3with pun. The story revolves around three boys who make many mistakes including losing expensive diamonds, getting caught by a group of gangsters, and what not. Via

5. Fire

This movie is banned because it portrayed a lesbian relationship between sister-in-laws. Our society is not able to accept these things easily. Via

6. Kama Sutra

This film did not get much acclaim as it was way too bold for the society to digest and see. The plot revolved around four lovers and is a treat to watch as well. Via

7. Dev D

A movie full of erotic and explicit scenes. A conventional film with an urban touch. Via