Do you how know house to do the blow drying of your hair perfectly? Lets walk through the steps which many famous hair-doers regularly do.

Remember to use warm water when washing your hair. After that, rinse your hair until it squeaks. Thoroughly rinsed out all traces shampoo on your hair. Also, avoid rubbing your hair roughly with a towel to dry it because it will cause your hair to have split ends. Instead of rubbing your hair, just pat it to remove some of the moisture and then comb. Avoid using strong heat in drying your hair. If you do not need to do blow-drying, allow it to dry naturally.

When blowing your hair, distance the hair-dryer about 15 cm away from your head. If it is held any closer, it can dehydrate and possibly singe your hair. Use styling brush with the dryer to give your hair some added ‘lift’ and bounce.


Steps in Blow-Drying

1. First, use any comb or brush to bring all your hair forward from the back of your neck. Starting at the nape, roughly blow-dry your hair.

2. Next,  brush the partly dry hair into a required style with the styling brush. While your hair is still damp, the brush can form curls, make waves or straighten naturally curly or permanently waved hair.



3. Then, you need to divide your hair into sections using the tail comb on your fingers. Properly dry each section. For long hair, pin the damp sections to the top of your head, out of the way.


4. After that, lift sections of your hair in turn with the styling brush and blow them dry. Always start with under layers and work to the top.



5. Brush the underneath of the back hair so that it curls in and under. For turned-up curls, brush the ends in an upward direction from above. Follow the strokes with the hair-dryer


6. Lastly, complete the job by drying the front of your hair. To give the completed style more body, brush the hair against the direction in which it will finally lie.

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