From Blasts to Recalls- Top 5 Tech Disappointments of 2016


We are not talking about the downfalls like the death of icons and great legendary personalities, drastic changes in climates or the change of the world order. We will see through the tech disappointments of this year. Yes, it was indeed a bright year with the upsurge in Facebook, mild updates with new iPhones and we are still safe from murderbots. Artificial Intelligence has still not taken over humans completely and we are still safe in this world. Most of the below-mentioned downfalls are mostly significant in India.

1. Explosion of Galaxy Note 7

Some people might have forgotten about the Galaxy Note 7 explosions. But there some others who even remember the warnings before boarding the air craft against carrying the phone aboard. There were even a hell lot of trolls over the issue. The phone just refused to cool down and was one of the major tech disappointments of 2016.

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2. The Hype over Freedom 251

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Indian mobile developments had become the headlines with Freedom 251 which was advertised to become the best and budget friendly smartphone. The Indian government was saved from the misfortune as Ashok Chadha, the President of Ringing Bells clearly stated that the company had no government involvement. The downfall was evident right from the beginning as only 5000 units were released and soon after several legal proceedings and cheque bounce cases followed.

3. No Man’s Sky

With an Indian team behind the game, the nation had set its expectations. But all of it was devastated when the game was released and it turned out to be not up to the level created by the anxious people.

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4. Apple takes off the 3.5mm Jack

Tech disappointment of 2016

Some people would not have been aware of this major move in Apple, but it was blow in the head to those Apple users who had amassed a collection of audio gear. The removal of the 3.5 mm jack was indeed a bad move, but probably the companies have their own reasons for these tech disappointments.

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5. Recall of the Karma Drones

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GoPro cameras were the trend in photography and became popular as drone cameras due to its quality and clarity. But it turned into one of the tech disappointments when they stepped foot into drone production. The initial response was good. But eventually the drones failed to hold power and the company pulled back over 2,500 Karma drones from the market.