Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Of All Time


The wedding is the most auspicious and memorable day for a bride. As she dreams about being taken away by her prince charming, she subtly weaves the thoughts of every single thing related to her wedding day; most importantly about her wedding dress. It is a prestigious concern for a bride to look splendid on her wedding. But what when the idea goes all wrong? Yes, it did with all these brides who wore the most bizarre wedding dress of all time. Just have a look:

The Condom Dress:



Yes, you heard it right. This is a wedding dress made entirely of condoms and was specially designed for the Condom Fashion Show which was held in Beijing, China. The bride trying this outfit must be a brave heart.


Paper Dress:


You have to fear water, wind, and fire if you think of wearing this dress. Why, because it’s nothing but “PAPER”.


Nutritional Dress:


Baker Valentyn Shtefano and his bride Viktoriya show off her wedding gown, that was made out of flour, eggs, sugar, and caramel. The dress sounds so yummy, doesn’t it??


Chocolate Wedding Dress:



Chantal Coady and Ian Stuart had been talking about creating a chocolate wedding dress for years, and the Chocolate week 2008 seemed the perfect opportunity to combine Ian’s distinctive style and Rocco’s creative approach to chocolate.


Camouflage Dress:


Designer Erika Sarkozy, was so much inspired by the Army that she made a wedding dress like the Army uniform. Now the bride can easily run to the woods screaming.Lolzz…


The Disco Dress


If you love sparkling little bulbs you would definitely like this dress; a dress that lights yellow in the bottom. An indication of sparkling married life we guess.


Kitty Dress:


We love Hello Kitty but not to the extent to wear a kitty styled dress to the wedding. But, seems like this bride is the biggest fan!!!


The Toilet Paper Dress:


This dress is entirely made up of toilet paper, tape and glue. Its maker, Ann Kagawa Lee of Honolulu, Hawaii, took inspiration from the film “Gone with the Wind” and Japenese Origami.

So, these were some bizarre wedding dresses that must have made you think, WHY?? simply because the Bride wanted to look unique. And seems like they pretty much succeeded in that…  ;-P