Beyonce’s Viral Motherhood Photos Got Hilarious Version Of Recreation And We Have Those Pictures


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter aka Beyonce is well-known to create waves on social media with her tracks and pictures and this time the ‘Flawless’ mother is creating the entire tsunami with her newly born twins.

As she delivered her twins Rumi and Sir last month but her Instagram account has been flooded with maternity photo shoots since the early days of her pregnancy. In this row, the latest pictures of her along with Rumi and Sir has got over 9,000,000 likes, and counting is on.

However, there are numbers of the non-celebrity parent who are trying to recreate the same magic with their new born babies.


Sir and Rumi, the twins of Beyonce initiated their life’s journey with a photo-shoot that goes viral in no time.


Well, some parents have tried to fit their feet in Beyonce’s shoes, but that version is hilarity ensued, take a look!

#1 It was all started when a mum Sharon Kellaway, from Kilworth, recreated the look with Senan and Zoe her 5-month-old-twins.


#2 Why should mum has all the fun?

#3 Ohh, she kept her elder son too


#4 Sharon told BBC, “I saw the picture and thought it was great, so I threw on a pink blanket and did my version.”

#5 Internet loved this brutally honest spoof

#6 Yes, you nailed it Lynsey Little

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