Here’s What Anxiety Exactly Feels Like When You Have Never Had Anxiety


It may present itself differently, but suffering from anxiety is no joke. It is complicated because everyone experiences the symptoms in a unique manner. There’s no protocol for someone having a panic attack, but saying they should ‘get over it’ will do no good.

If you’ve got someone close to you who is suffering from an anxiety disorder and you’re still not sure how to address their problems, here’s a quick guide for you.

What is anxiety?

Every person having anxiety will talk about what they’re going through, but it won’t be the same. If you’re going for the literal definition – anxiety is feeling nervous or fearful thinking about what might happen. So putting it in simpler words, it is an overwhelming feeling that somewhat gets you paralysed because of your own thoughts.

I’ve experienced attacks which are quite unpredictable in nature but I can say that anxiety is more of an underlying condition which never really goes away. It lies in the minute thoughts I have during the day and there are times when I feel anxious without any external triggers.

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What triggers anxiety?

There’s no specific stressor that initiates an anxiety attack, but a cumulative form of taxing thoughts. For me, each time I’m faced with a stressful situation, my hands tend to twitch in a weird way. In the same way, everyone will display different signs of distress and that’s how you can pick up if a subject has been bothering them.

For an anxious person, it is important to gather their triggering thoughts before they spin out of control and take over in the form of an attack. Sometimes, it can be easy, but we all have bad days when we’re hanging by a thread.

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What happens during an anxiety attack?

During an attack, an individual’s mind is bombed by irrational and unnatural thoughts and they have lost dominance over it. Again, the symptoms may differ but it generally includes freaking out, feelings that the world is spinning out of control and they can’t do anything even though the overwhelming thoughts are taking over. They might scream, cry or even become shockingly quiet, but that’s completely dependent on how the person reacts to it.

If you’re close to someone experiencing this anxiety disorder, never ask them if they’re taking medications for it or they should try to ‘control’ their mind. It’s insulting and it will make them feel like they’re useless and small. Living with it is difficult. Dealing with attacks is definitely tough, but keeping the negative thoughts at bay all day and every day becomes consuming in a terrible way.