Best New Products That People Don’t Know About!

new products

It’s been too long that we have been expecting gadgets which would spare us some time in our hectic lives. So here is the list of time-saving, funny yet useful new products, which can make our lives easier.

1. Secret Drawer

Tired of thinking where to keep your important stuff? Here is a socket board which opens up into a box to store your important stuff, like cash, gold, jewelry, etc.

2. Semi-Automatic Apple peeler

Apple is a fruit which is one of the most nutritive fruits, and most avoided because of its outer cover. Hence, an apple peeler which can be used to peel other similar fruits as well.

3. Baby Mop

Get help from you babies as well to mop your floor. They crawl, they mop.

4. Extra Wide Rear View Mirror

Avoid the chances of accidents in a better way, by knowing the traffic around you and BEHIND you by expanding the rear view of your car to 180 degrees.

5. Life Straw

Water water everywhere, but not a single drop to drink? Introducing the new lifestraw which can remove 99.9999% of parasites and bacteria in water, so you can drink it safely.

6. Bookcase/Staircase

A noteful thing for all the bookaholics and short people as well. This is a bookcase which allows to use itself as a staircase.

7. Biolite Camp Stove

This eco-friendly stove uses twigs, leaves, wood etc, to produce fire and electricity while you go camping.

8. Senz stormproof umbrella

Normal umbrellas protect you only from the rain. The Senz storm proof umbrella protects you from rain along with winds of wind speeds of even 100+km/h.

9. Overade foldable helmets

Don’t like wearing helmets because they are huge and inconvenient to carry everywhere? Here’s the new ‘overade’ helmets, which can be folded and unfolded within seconds making it convenient and easier to wear helmets and avoid accidents.

10. Charging while parking

A way of charging the electrical vehicles from a solar tree. A judicious for the people who are willing to do good to the environment.