Some Best Food And Tea Combinations For Every Chai Lovers


Do you crave tea all the time? Is tea the first thing with which you want to start your day? You know every Nukkad which serves the best lunch, and if your friends tease you about being a tea addicted then Yes my friend you are obsessed with Tea and an actual Tea lover.

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Combinations For Every Chai Lovers

Tea is the best stress reliever and can be served with numerous food recipes which can make it more amazing. So here are some recipes which need to be served with the side of your tea to make it more amazing!!

Paneer Paratha & Cutting Chai

Who on Earth would not love panner parathas? And when it I served with cutting chai then it’s love.

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Lemon Iced Tea And Napoli Sandwich

An Italian style sandwich and a full glass of lemon Ice tea is heaven.

Modinagar Shikanji And Matar Kulcha

If you are a fan of Matar kulcha, then you are going to love this combination.

Honey Ginger Tea And Kaala Chana Chaat

The spicy chana chat along with Ginger tea is perfect together.

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Ice Tea And Sandwiches

Serve crunchiest juicy sandwich with ice tea and see how amazing it tastes.

Cutting Chai with Bun Maska

Try the excellent combination of Mumbai classic Bun Makkhan with cutting chai.

Combinations For Every Chai Lovers

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Kulhad Chai & Pakora

And the most common household recipe especially becomes more impressive in rainy seasons.

Combinations For Every Chai Lovers

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