Best Desserts To Have After A Meal


As fat inducing they are, desserts have always been integral parts of every diet. It is so seeped into the psyche of the general population, that in some places, the meal isn’t considered over until one had their fill of the desserts. The biggest highlight of the desserts is the sweeteners used in it. Whether it’s honey or processed sugar, sweeteners are always there.

Here are some desserts that you could try out after finishing your meal in the restaurant. They are also quite easier to prepare in the homes.


1. Chocolate Mint Bars:

Chocolate mint bars

Everybody loves chocolates and combined with mint it gives out an enigmatic experience to your taste buds. You can put in the chocolate chips and a hint of the mint to the bars and put in the freezer to become solid and thick. Take it out only when you are ready to serve it and it would be one of the best desserts that you would have ever tasted.


2. Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake:

Flourless dark chocolate cake

Here is one more dessert that would send the chills down your spine once you put it in your mouth. For the final touch, you could add cocoa and powdered sugar along with some whipped cream to take the flavour to a whole new level of awesomeness. Chocolates are always a big yes when it comes to dessert.


3. Berry Cake:

Berry cake

The cake tastes practically the same whether its warm or cold. It could be served anytime- during the meal or after. But being a dessert, post meals is the perfect time to have a go at it. It’s a little bit moist and sends the electricity of different flavours into your mouth and the best part, it gets prepared within minutes.


4. Rice Pudding:


Its quite old fashioned and the best dessert that most of the people swear by it. The sweet taste it produces inside the mouth stays there for a very long time and makes you feel so good that you begin craving for it. A scoop of ice cream can be added to enhance the overall richness of this great dessert.


5. Hot Fudge Cake:

Hot fudge cake

Some people aren’t that fond of sugars when it comes to the taste (an excuse basically, they are just health freaks). For them, there is this hot fudge cake which uses minimal sugar but never compromises on the taste factor. Cream poured over it makes it even more delicious, a scoop of ice cream over it helps as well.


6. Banana Pudding-

Banana Pudding

Many people may dislike banana for their own reasons, but in reality, it is one of the tastiest and sweetest fruits around. Cream and sugar are added to mashed banana and then it is kept in the fridge. It works perfect as a dessert, but in case you want to have it for breakfast or even lunch, it works quite as well.

These are simple to make, and the probably the most amazing desserts on the planet and you must have one or two of them become a part of your dinners.