Applying make-up does not always go as plannned. Here are 5 easy tips to fix your make-up mistakes


This one is for all the pretty ladies who are out there. The old ones and the young guns who absolutely and unbendingly adore the power of make-up, this article is all about easy tips that will help you save your time and effort to fix your makeup and reveal your inner and outer Aphrodite. A woman must always keep some easy tricks up her sleeves. Especially, when these tips are from the experts from L’Oreal Paris, let’s dive in, step by step:-

If you have over applied the face powder


or if you’ve over-done your foundation and over caked your face, you need to look for a mist (water or spray can) instantly. You need to cover your eyes so you don’t smudge anything else and remove the extra powder on your face with water and a tissue.


This is for the woes of your lips

Most of the women will definitely be nodding their heads right now. Switching lip colors take a lot of time and a whole bucket of effort but you need not panic because we’re giving you the brightest cure. If you’re at home and you need to change your former dark color with a light one, all you need is a cotton ball and make-up remover or just some coconut oil. Just press it nicely and wipe away the color and if you’re out then just apply a lighter shade over the darker color and wipe it off while it’s fresh. All hail to pigment power!


Re-work your eyebrows


Everyone loves perfect eyebrows, that is a fact and even men are into the eyebrow game. We all want our eyebrows to be on point and perfectly shaped. If you overdraw your eyebrow then you can fix it pretty easily with a spoolie brush dipped in makeup remover. A perfect replacement for makeup remover is warm water. Never use oil for the same; consider yourself warned.


The cat-eye perils

Everyone loves a cat-eye these days and it’s a difficult task to get it right every single time. Mostly, it is the top lids that give us a problem. All you need is a Q-tip dipped in eye cream and it will not only remove the fine lines that are messed up, it’ll moisturize the skin around your eyes.


For the Sun-kissed look and when you don’t get it


All of us want to ace that Sun-kissed look, without a doubt. The problem arises when you dab a little more bronzer, and your look looks really fake. Don’t fret! The best solution to this problem is to take a sponge with some concealer on it and slightly buff the extra bronzer away. For those who’d want a matte look, you could swipe on some translucent powder with a fluffy brush and it will tone down your extra bronzer without removing it.

Let that mirror fall in love with you. You’re all set Aphrodite!

These few quick fixes can save your time and make your look go as planned. Share these tips with all the women you know so that they know how to fix the makeup flaws..