Angelina Jolie Is a Feminist Hero And These Reasons Are Totally Justifying The Title


Angelina Jolie, the name has power and intro in itself describes breathtaking perfection. She never misses a chance as she is always in the news for her personal and professional life.

Except being a mindblowing actress and filmmaker, her relentless humanitarian work makes her so amazing and she got ‘Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award’ for this. While she truly deserves to call “Feminist Hero”

Check out these reasons below why she is the role model for many:

1. Angelina adopted 3 children and became the inspiration for many other ladies to do so.

2. In the Land of Blood and Honey and Unbroken- both the dramas were written, directed and produced by her.

3. Breast and ovarian cancer are the topics to talk about and she talked about her double mastectomy and the surgical removal of her ovaries.

4. She became the UNHCR ambassador in 2012.

5. Her role of feminist retelling of Maleficent & voice behind the Master Tigress in Kung Fu Panda is winning hearts to children.

6. She is giving 100% to her professional fronts too. 

7. Received Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her humanitarian efforts.

8. She’s familiar with the life struggle of teenagers.

9. Working to stop the evil practice of child marriage & female genital mutilation.

This is why she is the real feminist hero!

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