Amazon Yet Again Insults India, Mahatma Gandhi Printed ‘Chappals’ On Sale


Amazon company seems to be having a bad start at the early of this new year 2017.Recently they found themselves into the heap of shame, criticism, and embarrassment when Sushma Swaraj publically shamed warned them for their insensitive act of selling Indian National Flag printed doormats on their website in CANADA.

But seems like they didn’t understand the language she spoke and hence, they are back again in news with yet another controversy. The Amazon website in the USA is now seen selling ‘flip-flops’ having Mahatma Gandhi’s face printed on it. It is being sold at a price of $16.99 or Rs 1376.00.

Following is the screenshot of their description for these Mahatma Gandhi printed Flip-Flops.

This picture came to the notice of general public when few twitter users exposed this item in front of the whole Indian community on social media sites.

What is more interesting and saddening is the fact that the company or the seller of such an item is being sold by Maheesh Jain, an Indian-Origin guy. He is selling such kind of products through his company – ‘CafePress’. If you go through the list of articles that have been selling, one can easily figure it out about how controversial are their creations. They have been selling undergarments having pictures of religious signs, gods and national flag all over them and that to0 in the name of ART.

However, when these screenshots and images went viral on the internet, people had a tough take on them and their outrage is worth considering. Have a look at some of those tweets.

Just boycott them!

Ban them in India

We need to shut them down

Govt. should take this as an insult.

We don’t want to buy any products from AMAZON.

Don’t be angry, just boycott them.

It was the duty of AMAZON Officials not to allow such kind of things to be sold on their website which offended and insulted the sentiments of millions of people. Despite Sushma Swaraj’s repeated warnings, they haven’t learned any lessons. It will be interesting to see AMAZON USA’s reaction this outrage by the people of India and Sushma Swaraj’s role into this matter.

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