According To Studies, This Is The Most Dangerous Social Network App For You


Let’s face it, we all portray a different life on social media. But our real lives are simply not-so-interesting and not-so-fancy as we fake it on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. But among all of these, one social media application is responsible for major mental health damage. Do you want to guess which one could it be? Yes, you guessed right. It’s Instagram. Let’s show you how.

In the midst of exotic looking destinations, hell-ishly delicious scrumptious meals and gorgeous looking fitness models, we’re bound to feel miserable about our boring and melancholic lives. In a world where anxiety, sleep disorders and depression are common, the use of social media apps like Instagram is only giving fuel to the fire.

With nearly 700 million users worldwide, Instagram is contributing to the greatest mental health destruction in today’s youth and the current negative effects are just the beginning of what could result as a catastrophic sh*tstorm caused because of the impact of social media applications.

A study was conducted in the UK where 1,500 participants were chosen from the age group of 15-25. They were regular users of social media applications like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The participants were studied in accordance to how spending time on these social networks was affecting their physical and mental health. In this study, the parameters recorded were their general health and body image, sleep patterns, any odd feelings like anxiety or nervousness, sense of identity, interactions with the community and outward behavior.

As conclusion, YouTube was the only application that ended up having a positive impact on the users while all other posed a threat to their mental health. Among the others, Instagram was rated to be the worst. Many participants also stated that they are facing negative feelings about body image due to images posted on Instagram that might even be manipulated by Photoshop.

The participants also felt that Instagram easily makes people feel insufficient about their bodies and lives. With all the filters and edits, one can manage to make various manipulations which only leads to the original not being so good enough after all. Due to this, the pressure of being ‘perfect’ is way too much for today’s youth.

These unrealistic expectations creates unnecessary anxiety and lowered self-esteem issues in young men and women in today’s times. It’s easy to feel uneasy due to the pictures put up on Instagram, but what we don’t realize how much the photos uploaded by celebrities, fashion brands and fitness bloggers are Photoshopped in order to make it more appealing.

With the growing dependency on these social media trends, a reality check every now and then doesn’t harm anyone. The young generation should be able to realize that what looks good isn’t usually that way in the long-run.