9 Reasons Why It Is Totally Fine To Never Get Married


Oh, so you’re 25 now and it’s time that you should definitely get married? Or so everyone around you thinks. The most annoying thing in India which happens to each and everyone while they attain the age of 23, but especially girls. I mean why it’s always the priority to getting married than to have a job or to enjoy a life which you want? There are some people who have a marriage phobia because of such pressure of getting married so early, but you know what it’s okay if you choose not to get marry at all. And, Here are some perfect reasons which will prove that why it is fine never to get married.

Life-long relationship with a STRANGER!

A perplexing thought indeed! Sharing your whole life with a person you don’t know much about alternative than their qualifications and family background, is something one will surely try to avoid to the stretch of their potential. Besides, all this peculiar sacrifice just out of their parents will.

Why It Is Totally Fine To Never Get Married

Ultimate aim is to get MARRIED

This notion is what the Indian society believes in. Tying a knot and feeding a family is what remains their conclusion for life. We aren’t born to get married. In fact, we should marry when we find a person we want to spend life with. Don’t try to become Don Quixote charging the windmills!

Exploring life rather than confining it

Life isn’t all about having a partner and kids. Scouting the world out of the well and making your life meaningful by learning new things is much more adventurous than a family oriented thought.

The sky’s the limit

There are no age limits for getting married. More than one-third people in metropolitan cities don’t want to marry in their late twenties. There is no pre-planned age for falling in love.

F*CK Rituals.

Because a happy wedding is more about feeling it with your partner than to feed 1000 strangers. A simple court marriage is also fine.

Priorities matters!

Everyone has goals and their dreams which they want to live. And things like this takes time, so getting married is always a secondary thing, but you should know what your priorities are.

Not a Private Affair

In India, marriage is not just a bond between two persons but also two families, they say. And it happens that families most of the times tries to dominate their in-laws to maintain their dignity which doesn’t end up that well.

For some being committed is always hard to maintain 

Committed to a person life-long and drag a relationship even when you are not happy is usually what happens in our Indian culture. But there is no need to give any such commitment when you aren’t ready.

Why would anyone want to end up their relationship with a DIVORCE?

When you can live happily without having a fear of ending your relationship this way.

So when we have an alternative option to enjoy life while having a domestic relationship or say live-in relationship, then there’s no point in ruining life by getting married. Right?