9 Reasons That Make Live-In-Relationship So Much Better Than A Marriage


Stepping out of the adolescent does bring on the fancy for a grand marriage. In fact, marriage is oldest of social customs to have survived since a long long time. But human relationships need not be defined by a social commitment. At every level, love and relationship concern two people and that’s how it should be throughout. A live-in-relationship may have had a tough time to rewind the social stigma associated with it but when logically contemplated seems much better than a marriage.

Wonder how can you convince everyone about it? Check out and spread these 9 reasons that will make absolute sense to appreciate the advantages of live-in-relationship over marriage.

1. Purest of companionship without the shackles of dependencies

No vows can actually make someone stay in love forever! Live-in relationships are the unadulterated form of love and togetherness; you choose to stay with the one just because you want to not because you must. If happily ever after exist somewhere it is in a relation where you don’t have to drag it as a baggage, when the love has long evaded. It should always be about how good we are together not how long we managed to stick around.

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2. No going broke over a wedding ceremony

Needless to mention people tend to spend a lot on weddings which may not even last long enough. Firstly you pillage hard earned money on spendthrift shopping that will probably be used just once and entertaining people, whom you’ll hardly see again. Instead live-in takes just the two of you. Also, you can invest individually or together and secure your future. Even if you split up later the investments can be encashed.


2. Nothing comes as an obligation

Unlike marriages where you’re usually expected to comply with a do’s and don’ts list, for every role you play in your life; live-in-relationship allows lots of individual space, to tend to their own dreams and desires. It is simply two people putting in their efforts to make things work, to grow and evolve together as well as individually. Respecting and accepting with each other’s personal choices.

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 3. Got to live it to believe it

No words or vows, but let action alone decide the course of your relationship. Let her show she loves you every single day. If he says he will always be there for you let him prove it. Its always easy to say than done, and sadly words are deceiving.  Live-in-relationship is the best way to sneak a peek into how your future together might be. That way even if you tie the knot later you won’t regret saying “wish I had known”.

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9. No haste to have babies

The moment you get married you’re expected to have children soon enough; as if you’re going on a honeymoon to bring along a toddler. There are no timelines in live-in relationships; you stay at level 1 as long as you want; explore each other, flirt, date and discover new ways to fall in love with each other all over again, every single day. You don’t need to deliberately push for commitments or have kids and dampen your “Today” for tomorrow’s aspirations.

4. live-in-relationship has less financial woes

Along with joys and sorrows in marriages, your finances get intertwined too. It’s not a bad thing though but often it is not consensual. No one prefers to be answerable for spending their own money right! It eliminates the gender roles and the associated dominance as well if the expenses could be shared equally. Either can’t say “I am the man in the relationship” and  I guess men will also appreciate the huge relief of not bearing the financial constraints all alone.


5. A good sex life is always a priority – no taking it for granted

love, care, understanding blah blah blah but no one really mentions sex. It is one important aspect of a couple’s relationship. Half of the problems and complaints don’t stand a chance to ruin your relationship if you enjoy the physical intimacies with each other to utmost and let your sensual passion run its course. In live-in-relationship, you already have your responsibilities sorted and don’t take each other for granted no matter what, so there is always an urge to be at your best be it in general or in bed.

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6. No legal hassles, just smooth break ups

The spiking divorce rates suggest that alimony can very well be the new swindle. What if he or she just married you for the money? Even untying the knot can cost you dearly. Live-in-relationships do not leave a scope for that kind of extortion, you simply say “I quit” if it does not work out well for both of you. Besides the money, it also spares you from the utter waste of precious time and gruesome legalities involved in the settlement process.

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7. You’re just single again

What comes after a split up? Yeah right, move on and get over it! A marriage fills you up with unrealistic expectations of togetherness and you’re rarely prepared to deal with a goodbye. Live-in-relationship does not help with the emotional turmoil either, but somewhere you don’t have other pressing rationality to cling to it too long. There was never a lifetime commitment to delude you; this very thought pulls you out of the break-up blues almost instantly. In addition, you’re never a divorcee but just single and ready to mingle again.

Time is changing, change is inevitable and nothing lasts forever!

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