9 Nicknames of Coffee Drinks Which You Have Never Heard


The adoration that we have for this drink can never fade. The never ending tales that our hearts narrates to our brains goes on loop when you sit with a warm cup of coffee. Coffee has evolved with time because it manages to fit in every type of occasion be it a birthday party, funeral, date, meeting, etc.

Here is a list of nine funny names through which coffee is sometimes addressed.

Red Eye

This kind of coffee contains one shot of espresso coffee.

Black Eye

This has two shots mixed.

Green Eye

This has three shots poured in.

Coffee Zorro

Two shots of bowling water and two shots of espresso.


Regular coffee with cream.

Dirty Chai

A cup of tea with a shot of espresso in it.

Yuan Yang

Half cup coffee and half cup tea mixed.


This is yummy. This is a combination of cold coffee, vanilla ice cream, sugar and whipped cream.

Miami Vice

A delicious combination of Americano, Cubano coffee, water and sugar.