8 Warning Signs That You’re Suffering From Stress


Stress has become a common word these days with hectic schedules and the human disability to multitask. Different people have different ways by which the body responds to the pressure. This may be due to work, personal life or any other events in life. It’s a kind of cranky feeling where you get a headache, tension or a common uneasiness.

Stress in small amounts is not degradative. This is usually experienced when you need to overcome a small fear or you must get motivated to do something. But stress due to worries is not always good, especially if it stays for a long time. This will affect the body system and impact the way body responds to mental or physical alarms.

Here are a few Signs to watch out for to help you find if you are suffering from too much stress

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1. Mood Swings
Mood Swings and stress

There is so much stress in everyday life, but when you reach the choking point, you break apart. This breaking node is characterized by mood swings, excessive tendency to cry, problems with decision-making and overall weakness. Sometimes, these may also be signs of other psychological problems, so make sure you go for medical help.

2. Physical Signs
Physical pain and stress

Sometimes you feel a tightness in your stomach when you come across tensed situations like a tough job or constant issues with the partner. This will expel it out as physical sickness. Conditions like the pain in the body, diarrhea, rashes etc. which are arising out of sheer stress should be looked upon with proper concern.
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3. Anxiety Disorder
Over thinking and stress

Thinking is a good thing, but anxious thoughts can take you over the mountain and into the ditch. Over anxious people usually counter with stress much often. Prolonged periods of anxiety that lasts for more than six months should be treated.
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4. Spike in Adrenaline Levels
Adrenaline spike and stress

People struggling with stress issues tend to lose their calm very easily. They are irritated always and a silly issue makes them angry very fast. If one can diagnose this sign of tension and work it out, it can help to control anger and bring down the stress level.

5. Depression- The Key Factor
Stress and Depression

Depression is the next stage of stress which develops when the condition is left unchecked. People who have the previous history are more at risk. It is a condition of overwhelming sadness and it tends to overpower you. The patient will eventually develop a dislike towards life and even think of suicide.
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6. Social Cutoff
Stress and loneliness

Sometimes we like to be alone, but too much solitude can break you down further. Usually after a stressful event. Some people try to open and reconnect. When loneliness follows stress, the situation goes beyond control.

7. Difficulty Sleeping
Sleeplessness and stress

Sleeping time is the time that the mind and the body rests. It keeps the body in equilibrium. With a lack of sleep, the body loses equilibrium and the tension increases. There are several techniques that will help you gain proper sleep.
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8. Faltered Sex Life

faltered sex life

A good sex life plays a crucial role in bringing down daily anxiety levels and helps one to relax. Too much work pressures can affect the sex drive and this works like a vicious cycle further worsening the condition.