Survive On A Deserted Island By Following These 8 Steps

CAST AWAY, US 2000 TOM HANKS CASTAWAY US 2000 TOM HANKS Date 2000, Photo by: Mary Evans/C20TH FOX / DREAMWORKS/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection(10305969)

It might look adventurous, but it is actually pathetic and dangerous to be deserted on an island away from the civilised world without any communication. Every human being will be in need of basic supplies to survive, but you will be on your own and will have to live a stone age life without anyone’s support. Imagine that you got deserted on an island after a plane crash and you have to survive till someone finds you.

Here are some of the tips which help you to survive the crash on an unknown island.


1. Look for survivors on a deserted island 

survivors on deserted island

It is important to have a companion while you are deserted to support each other for survival. A partner can help you in almost everything and there are more chances that you get found with the partner than the other way around.


2. Find drinking water

Find drinking water

It is obvious that the island is surrounded by water. However, it is not edible. It is extremely important to know that we should not consume sea water at any cost to avoid falling seasick. Collect all the water bottles from the plane to have an emergency stock and an empty bottle will help you in filling up later. An island with trees will have a river or a lake, which can give out some drinking water.


3. Find food

Find food

Not every island will have trees with edible fruits and vegetable upfront. It might take a day or two to search for food or to arrange food and hence it is important to have a good amount food as an emergency stock to avoid being tired of not eating food.


4. Don’t throw anything

Don’t throw anything

As you are away from the civilized land, you would have to build or make everything from the scratch. You might never know what will be the next plan until you spend a day or two on the island. Even a small thing can help you to survive to a larger extent.


5. Find first aid Kit

first aid kit

Falling sick is an island with no facilities effects in two ways. There will be no medical facilities to treat you on time and you will not get time to arrange necessary things for your survival unless you are not alone. A first aid kit helps you in making the fire treat you after a plane crash.


6. Mark SOS sign

Mark SOS sign

SOS sign or an emergency sign has to be made with top most priority. That is the one way to be found with your effort. There are chances that people would not be able to locate you because of too many islands around you, an SOS sign helps people to find you.


7. Build a fire


During night, it is recommended to build a fire to keep a wild animal or insects to stay away from you. Any poisonous creature can cause a big problem without the fire.


8. Create a shelter

Create a shelter

Most of the islands located on a shore would be windy and rain. Take good care of yourself by being protected to survive the next day and to be found quickly.

Keep these steps remember in case you got stuck somewhere; they will be your life saviour.