8 Signs Which Suggest That You Have A Strong Personality That Might Scare Some People


People with strong personality are usually termed as rude and insensitive. Rather what happens is that people do not realize what kind of a personality they are dealing with because we are the facebook and Instagram generation where the number of likes is the parameter for judging the beauty and personality of a person. We are the swag generation. In short, we seek public validation for us to feel good about ourselves. In the middle of all this when someone stands out for being extremely comfortable in their own skin, it only baffles all the rest.


So, if some people do get scared of you it is only because of their own shortcomings and because you wouldn’t let people walk all over you.

Following are eight traits which suggest that you have a strong personality.

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Less To No Tolerance For Excuses

People with strong personalities can not stand useless whining about why you can not do something for they strongly follow one principle in life, i.e., there could be many reasons for you to not do something but there are always more reasons for you to do something.

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You Chose Your Friends Carefully

You believe in yourself and do not need validation from a boy/girlfriend, uncles, aunts, society in general. Unlike some people you do not need to be told what you are, how you are, and what you are capable of in order to realize your true potential or to pump up your self-esteem. So a friend has to be more than just a hollow support system for you.

Small Talk Is A Big No No

Small talk is a waste of precious time and energy. Being a person of strong grit you tend to have a lot of ideas about a lot of things. You tend to be extremely philosophical and hence find talking about silly human beings a waste of your time for you could be changing the world instead.

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You Can’t Stand Idiocy

Being people who have spent time gaining knowledge about the world and things. It troubles your soul to stand judgemental people. You like to understand people and their situations before judging them. It is perhaps one of the noblest qualities one could possess.

You Are A Patient Listener

People can be quite intimidated by people who are actually capable of silently listening and genuinely encouraging.


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You Are Not An Attention Seeker

While people like to believe that you thrive on the absolute doting attention of those around you. The truth is the absolutely contrary of this. You are a self-sufficient being. The huge swarm of people that surrounds you is not because you need them but rather because your kind of personality works as a people’s magnet.

You Are Fearless

Not fearing absolutely anything in this life can not be true. You must fear at least one thing but the important part is that you do not let your fears dictate your life.

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Insecurity Is The Next Stepping Stone

Realization of your insecurities does not scare you rather prepares you for another challenge to yourself. You believe and respect the fact that no one is perfect. Only, you tend to work in the direction of it by trying to overcome your shortcomings.

Now, if people are scared of you because of your strong personality. You just have to tell them to deal with it for actually it is their own lag that scares them and not you.