8 Signs to Know if Your Partners is Suffering Depression


Years back, suffering depression was considered as a simple mental state and was left untreated. In recent times, the impact of depression has been widely understood and discussed. The victims, sometimes do not realize that they are suffering from a mental problem and oversee, letting it take over him/her. They fail to comprehend that the anxiety, anger and emotional fluctuations are because of the depression.

Even if the person is not able to understand the stress, the partner can check out for these warning signs of suffering depression. These can help you ensure that your partner is healthy mentally and take medical actions if required.
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  1. Loss of Appetite
    Loss of appetite due to depression

Everyone becomes hungry in regular intervals. If you feel that your partner is not having food for prolonged periods of time, it’s time that you sat down and talked it out to know the reason behind the loss of appetite.

2. Frequent Sulkiness
Detect depression from mood swings

We all tend to face sulkiness at times, but this is normal. Constantly alarming mood swings become a trouble as the person struggles to fend it off. If your partners seem to be facing this stage of depression, it’s high time you rushed for medical attention before the situation goes out of control.
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3. Homebound
Home bound due to depression

We all like to go out but there may be some who basically like to stay at home. But if you notice that you partner, who usually loved to go out has suddenly become home bound, it should be a matter of concern. They might not be able to give a valid reason or staying at home when asked out for a dinner, shopping or a drive.

4. Excessive tiredness
tiredness and depression

Normal exhaustion after some hectic jobs or a busy day is not what we are talking about here. When people are mentally stressed, they seem to break down physically too and become lethargic. Keep track of your partner’s activities if he/she displays fatigue for no good reason.
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5. Sleep Signs
sleep and stress

Sleeping when tired is normal, but too much sleeping is also not good. Their brain fails to work due to the pressure and thus it makes them sleepy. In some people who are depressed, they find it difficult to sleep. Both are signs to watch out for.

6. Emotionally Fragile
karan johar suffering depression

Irritability and frustration are one of the main and easily recognizable signs of depression. They cry very soon or break out in anger over silly things. If your partner is showing these signs, try to find the reason for their depression and help them work through it rather than making it more difficult for them. Proper care and approach can help curb stress to a great extent.
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7. Alcoholism

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This is not a must have signed but if you find that your partner is getting highly drunk, you can keep a watch for the other above mentioned signs to confirm if he/she is suffering from depression or not. Alcohol helps them to break away from the worldly issues.