8 Shocking Real Differences Between North Korea And South Korea

North Korea and South Korea

North Korea and South Korea sounds like the two stops of the same country. And yes they both are the parts of the Korean peninsula. People may not be aware, but they both of the countries are identical in many ways. But some disparities can also be seen in many respects. Today we have brought you some real pictures which can even sadden you but point out the differences between the two countries, North Korea and South Korea.

The difference between the Railway Stations 

Can you believe these are the parts of the same Korean Peninsula?

North Korea and South Korea

How it looks when people travel in both the countries.

It’s Heart breaking to see how people are suffering in North Korea.

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The bus stops are way too different

How can we forget the education system? 

Education in South Korea is all hi-tech though in North Korea people don’t even have enough money to get a proper education.

North Korea and South Korea

And the youth which represents the nation and is the future

The young people in South is way too modern enjoying life in every possible way. But North Koreans are still under the dictatorship, suffering a lot.

North Korea and South Korea

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One where people are enjoying the beach and the one where people are begging for money and food on the beach. Sad enough? 

You can see how unlike both these countries are.

And the picture of industrialisation scares me enough to pity North Korea, to be honest

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One country does not have enough place for parking cars; other one doesn’t even have cars.

It’s quite hard to believe that these both countries belong to the same origin yet have a huge difference. We hope soon North Koreans would be able to get all the facilities they lack.

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