These 8 Reasons Prove Why Eating With Hands is Awesome And We Love It


Getting your hands messy with food is the best feeling ever. Ask us Indians the way we eat rice and dal. We know we love it.
Ask an Indian if he would like to use a spoon or fork and listen to a ‘no’ in return. We love eating with our hands.
While eating with hands has been around us longer than cutlery, it would be incorrect to call it a bad habit. The practice was adopted by the most civilised of the civilisations too. For example Indus Valley, Greek, and the Egyptians.
But besides being a necessity, there are a lot of other reasons that you must know.

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01. This is what Ayurveda explains:

Eating is supposed to be an enjoyable sensory experience, and it is said that eating with fingers evoke a lot of emotions and passion. According to the Vedas, hands are the most precious organs of action. You may even find a lot of scriptures that reveal how every finger is an extension of the five elements. Space comes through the thumb, air through the forefinger, the middle finger is fire, the ring finger is water, and the little finger represents the earth.
Hence, eating with fingers stimulate the five elements and helps in bringing forth the necessary digestive juices in the stomach.
The nerve endings on our fingertips stimulate digestion.

02. Because, oh well, our hands are enough.

Frankly speaking, our hands are multi-taskers. They are there to help us pick things, scratch, feel, touch, hold water without dropping it and a lot more things. I hope you get it?
And, oh, well, spoons are used while drinking soup or gravy. So you know you need to use your hands now.

03. It helps us in managing our food portions.

Eating with hands make you eat slower, and hence things get digested faster. There are even a lot of researches that show that eating with a hand help you manage your portions quickly.

04. It turns out to be a good exercise too.

The act of eating with hands increases the blood circulation in the body since it is a muscle exercise.
This is especially for all you lazy bums out there; you know what to answer when someone asks about your exercise schedule the next time.

05. Helps managing digestion problems.

Handling food with your fingers helps in the release of digestive juices and enzymes for digestion. Not just this but the presence of millions of nerve endings in your fingers prep your stomach for digestion.

06. Helps you stay fit.

Besides better digestion, eating with hands proves out to be the best way to stay fit Because you can easily manage your portions and know when you are full.

07. Helps you fight diabetes:

It helps prevent type 2 diabetes. Eating with forks and spoons can be correlated with faster eating, which in turn can lead to an increase in a blood-sugar imbalance in the body. Thos further contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes.

08. It is more hygienic.

Contrary to popular belief that eating with hands is an unhealthy habit, it is way more hygienic than with forks and spoons because of a simple reason. You wash your hands multiple times a day while we wash the utensils once a day.
Therefore, eating with hands is not a bad habit but a really good one.