8 Mind Boggling Documentaries That You Simply Can’t Miss


Documentaries are non-fictional masterpieces. There are a lot of questions these documentaries have the answers to. There are instances when we choose to ignore what’s right in front of us and sometimes we just keep our eyes closed.

Below are a few such documentaries that ensure, anything of such sorts doesn’t happen again. Your jaws will drop to the ground and be there for quite a time by the end of the each one.

#1. Life of a cell

This is the universe that resides inside your body. The daily struggles that the warrior cells have to fight and how do they overcome it. Cells vs Virus. See who wins it!

#2. Human

This documentary takes us for a ride around the globe. This is how we see the world and how it actually is. The director took more than 2000 interviews in 60 countries and served the audience with stories of love, betrayal, domestic violence, achievements, etc.

#3. Planetary

This documentary shows the sharp contrast between the world today and what it was yesterday. How the civilisations emerged and developed and how today’s world was created. The problems that one faced and how cunningly it was solved is what it is all about.

#4. NOVA The Fabric of the Cosmos The illusion of Time

Is travelling in time possible? Will this world end? Will the time ever stop? All these types of questions are challenged in this documentary.

#5. Samadhi

What is the exact philosophy behind meditation? Can one really unite with the supreme power through meditation? This is something which is in front of you but something that we are not ready to accept so easily.

#6. Ashes and Snow

The deep and pure relationship that the humans share with the animals is really magical. This documentary breaks all the stereotypes that the humans and animals are different and they are simply separated by traditional thinking.

#7. Kymatica

The condition that the world today is in is not because of the super powers or anything but we humans as a whole, due to our humanity. This is just the beginning and the ancient people already knew about this situation.

#8. Cowspiracy

An environmentalist is on his journey to find out about the evil truth that is leading the mankind to destruction. He travels to find alternatives to save the people and make them aware of their surroundings.