8 Instagram Hacks That Can Make You The Winner Of All Fantastic Photos


You’re always chilling in your PJs at the end of a tiring day and going through your Instagram uploads wondering how come you don’t get more than 15 likes, whereas other people are totally slaying their game by massive hashtag usage and gorgeous filters. Is there a code to crack Instagram? Is there a way you can score more on a particular photo app without having to go through hours of research and gruesome study conclusions? Oh yes, there is.

The Instagram game is going on for way too long and the experts have compiled a list of some simple hacks you can try even if you’re a newbie. You don’t have to equipped with Photoshop tools to give this one a shot. Here are easy Instagram hacks that can help you raise to popularity in no time –

1. Camera and meal distance regulations

When you’re gonna take photos that you might want to upload on Instagram later, make sure you maintain at least a 3 feet distance between the meal and your camera. It gives a good coverage and allows the camera to keep the focus steady.

2. Lighting

Good lighting is an absolute must to take photographs. Make sure you’re depending on natural light instead of artificial light. So try to click your snaps during the day instead of night time.

3. Adding line breaks

You can make the caption of your photo look better by inserting line breaks. It makes the caption look neat and more presentable. A cluttered caption will perhaps confuse the viewer and it won’t work in your favor.

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4. Don’t over-edit your selfies

A study found out that selfies are bound to get nearly 30 percent more likes than other pictures that one uploads. But the trick to nailing that gorgeous selfie is not to indulge in too much editing. Although you can use the editing app to hide that pimple or blemish, but make sure you don’t over do it.

5. Manually focus the photograph

Instead of using the blur settings on Instagram, manually adjust the focus of your camera by tapping on the screen to make it focus according to your preferences.

6. Don’t go overboard with the filters

If you’re hell bent on using filters, make sure you fade them out a bit. The full intensity of your filter simply makes the photo look fake. You need to keep it real and normal.

7. Utilize the HDR function

If you’re photographing something in a dim light, switch on your HDR function to make the photo less grainy.

8. Go for a #NoFilter photo

Instead of going for the classic filters, make other edits to your photo. The #NoFilter hashtag is getting popular everyday. You could set the contrast, brighten and sharpen your photos to make them appear better.