8 Insanely Easy Storage DIY Ideas For Your Bathroom


In most of the houses, the space provided in the bathrooms are very limited, and God knows why? To be honest, it really sucks when you don’t have even a zero counter space or cupboard space to keep your stuff, especially when you’re a family of four or more. I truly understand how irritating it can be as I have faced the same pain. Thus, I thought to share this list of few handy bathroom storage solutions which will address the spacing issues for forever from your life. Trust me it actually works.

So, without wasting any seconds, let’s revamp your bathroom!

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1. Prevent a catastrophe.

This one is for those people who don’t want to get separated from their phone even when we are in the toilet. Give your phone and your eye a spot to rest!

2. Who would have thought that shower curtains can be used in this way!

Isn’t it a great way to keep you required bathing stuff in pockets?

3.Get the most out of your bathroom cupboards and utilize the back of the doors.

4. A convenient little shelf

Just think you can put all your little stuff here.

5. Not a razor user? No issue. You can put your toothbrush instead!

Especially if they are electric, then this mini shelf is a wonder.

6. Keep your drawers clean and organized with these handy magnetic strips.


7. Make your kids happy with a Tub Cubby which is a great collection of all tub toys. 

8. Increase your counter space with an over-the-faucet shelf

Yeah! I can see that big smile coming for your side… No need for thanks, it’s my work to share happiness with you. For more cool DIY and smart ideas do follow us!