8 Fantastic Photographs Of Famous Places Then And Now


Seeing old photographs are like time travel, through an invisible pathway of flashback, you step into history. Sure, it’s a bit of a cliché, but when you see these 8 incredible famous places then-and-now pictures, it absolutely fits the bill. They give you not only an amazing time travel experience but also a staggering feeling of wonderstruck from seeing just how much the world has changed!

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1. The Lincoln Memorial in 1917

Situated in the middle of a swamp


The popular landmark we all know

2. New York City’s Times Square, 1922


Looks like an entirely different world.

3. This is Shanghai in 1987

Beautiful view of the amazing Huangpu River that runs through the city.


30 years later so much change in little time.

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4. The golden era of the Las Vegas strip

It looked like strip malls and parking lots.


A gambler’s paradise.

5. This is San Francisco in 1906, after the earthquake

Almost as flat as the horizon.


Hundred years later, one of the beautiful cities in the world.

6. Seattle in the ’70s.


Space needle is not alone here now skyscrapers are giving it a competition.

7. Post-war Tokyo

Empty spaces!


Crowded metropolis.

8. Dubai in 1980

Undeveloped deserted land!


An entire population seems to have sprung up overnight.