8 Brides Tell Us What They Could Have Done Differently On Their Wedding


A wedding is the most special moment in one’s life. It is very much likely that this special day would not be devoid of some hassles. There will be some things which would not go as per the plans but when the wedding high ebbs, you will look back and reflect on the things which you could have done differently on your wedding day. 8 brides reveal what they could have done differently on their wedding day. Some of the stuff they said may just tickle your funny bone.

Brittany, 31


“Eloped” was the only response we could get from lovely Brittany.


Kelsey, 28


“I wish I would have hired either a wedding coordinator or a wedding planner. Being the point person for almost everything made the things harder for us on our special day.”

Sydney, 24


“I wish I had hired a videographer. Everyone told me that I should get one but I was trying to save on budget. The big day goes by so quickly that I hardly remember the special moments through all the adrenaline and excitement. It would have been a different story altogether with a video on my TV screen. It would have been more fun and lively rather than just looking at the pictures.”

Malisa, 31

Many world coins in a money jar with wedding label on jar beautiful flowers on background

“I wish we would have spent less on our wedding. We could have had an equally memorable and beautiful day by cutting $30000 in our budget. That being said, our special day was at a unique location and everybody raved about it. So at the end of the day, it was definitely worth it.”

Hayley, 26


“I wish we did wedding favors. I never realized how simple and cute they could be as our wedding was the first wedding I ever went to. I know that guests do not always want favors but then too, it would have been more personal. This personal touch is important for such a meaningful event.”

Sarah, 25


“I wish I had clicked photos with my extended family and grandparents. It is very disheartening to see that I have no pictures with them in my wedding album. I also wish I would have remembered to put on my veil (in photos).”

Megan, 29


“I wish I would not have had a train on my wedding dress. My dress looked pretty in pictures during the ceremony, but as it was too long, people kept stepping on it during the reception. The bustle ended up falling apart. However, we somehow managed to salvage it with safety pins.”

Kathryn, 30


“I loved the way my wedding was planned but I wish I had kept a brush and blow dryer for the later part of the day. I had a hair stylist but I danced so much that some touch-up was needed. My pictures would have been better if I would have got these tools.”

These hitches are a part and parcel of every wedding. No wedding would be fun if some hitches and some regrets are not a part of it. After all, we are sure you will avoid repeating them in your children’s wedding.