7 Tips To Swim Smoothly Through Cut Throat Competition


There is competition all around be it in any stream Science, Commerce or Humanities. Hard work is the key to success but working hard in the right direction is also important. One should know that what one wants in life. Maybe an engineer now wants to be a painter or maybe a singer now wants to do business. Apart from following the right direction it very important to follow some basic directions. If it is the initial time of your career or even if it is not these 7 points ae like gold for you.

#1. You should be the bridge


You should be the one who proves to be the most important member of your team. Your boss should feel that you are the most responsible and trustworthy person. You are like a bridge which your team has to cross in order to get an assignment complete.

#2. Actions Speak Louder than Words


Prove the world through your deeds. Don’t tell the world what all you are doing to achieve your goals but tell they once you are finished.

#3. Be a good listener


The one who listens more is able to better understand. Listen and analyze and then keep your view or plan ahead. Make your opinions important.

#4. Don’t get distracted


Once you have set your goal, set again short term goal to achieve the ultimate one. Every single day do something to develop and progress.

#5. Deal with patience and wit


Be patient enough to deal with people in a correct manner. Have healthy arguments. Maintain a healthy and good relationship with the people with whom you work.

#6. Understand the worth

Group of professionals greet each other at their office

Explore where ever you are. Meet new people and build your contacts with them. I hope exchanging a phone number is not that difficult for you. You never know who can become lucky for you. Seek knowledge and learn from their experiences.

#7. Grab opportunities


Never ever let go of any opportunity which you come across. Do that task which one can never think of. Even if you can’t do it try at least. Most likely you will fail and you will be back in your pavilion but see the optimist part you will at least learn something.

Some famous scientist had said that before that one way of success he had discovered 99 ways of failures.