7 Things Nobody Tells You About Becoming A New Mom


Being a mother for the very first time is a mixed feeling. Strange, scary but awesome at the same time. Everyone knows that it is a problem, especially for a girl who becomes a woman and goes through numerous hormonal changes. But there might be some other things other than regular changes which no one tells you about being a NEW MOM.
So, here we have listed some illustrations for you, read and enjoy: 

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In case you don’t know that.

In-laws can be a major part of it, beware!!

About Becoming A New Mom

Here come the Judgemental people

You’ll start getting advice from people about being a mother who doesn’t even know how to boil water.

About Becoming A New Mom

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True Story!!

Had a nick name already? No worries, you’ll get a new one. Like it or not.

Going to Happen, Agree or not!

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STFU Please for god’s sake.

Annoying people all around.

About Becoming A New Mom

Yes, because you have never even tried.

Being a mother, all responsibility lies on you, and you cannot even deny.

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Baby will become the centre of attention.


About Becoming A New Mom

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