7 things you didn’t know about dreams!!


Dreams are always a contradictory talking point since long. Dreaming is among the most thought- provoking experiences of life. It is believed that dreams have some messages, which symbolizes any happening in the past or future. Every night in our sleep, we experience mysterious visuals,  it can be beautiful, or nightmares. We often try to interpret, what it means? Where did it come from? Let’s find out the 7 amazing yet mind- puzzling facts about dreams.

1.You don’t recognize 90% of your dreams!!




You must be often of dreaming at night. But, how many of you remember the visuals you saw in your dreams?? Yes!! Most of us could only recognize few parts of the dreams. If you don’t believe, rewind your mind and try to recollect the dream you saw last time. You will be surprised, that you hardly remember the visuals, what you saw during your sleep. You must have dreamed millions of times, but you can only remember barely 10% of it.

2.Nobody in this World left untouched by the experience of dreaming!!


Blinds also dream

Every human dreams even the blinds ones, which are visually enabled experiences dream during their sleep!!  People, who are blind by birth, don’t see images, instead, they experience other senses like sound, touch, and emotion while dreaming. Whereas, people, who became visually disable, see images in their dreams.

3.Animals dreams too!!


a puppy and a kittens sleeping together
a puppy and a kittens sleeping together

To solve the mysterious world of dreams, many research and studies have been done. The researchers have revealed out the facts that alike humans, animals dreams too. Animals also show same brain waves like humans during their sleep. Have you noticed any cat sleeping? They make faces, even they make sounds.

4.Sometimes you feel paralyzed during your dreams!!



Image Source – theplaidzebra.com Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever experienced or felt paralyzed while you are dreaming? Almost everyone in this world has once experienced that during their sleep they are not able to move their body or shout. Many times it happens when we see nightmares, we get exposed to the something bad in our dreams and we are not able to help ourselves to come out of it.


5.Men and Women have different dreams!!


Men are more aggressive in their dreams

You will be surprised to know that men and women have different types of dreams. While dreaming the men encounters more aggressive emotions compare to the women. Women likely to have dreams of deep emotions. Most of the characters in men’s dreams are men, while women have dreams having equal characters of men and women.

6.You can experience four to seven dreams in one night!!


dreams experience
You can have more than one dream

The researchers have dug out one mysterious fact that you can have four to seven dreams in one night. On average every human dreams one to two hours of dreams every night.

7.Humans spend almost 6 years of the lifetime in dreaming!!




Did you ever think that how much time you spent dreaming during whole lifetime? Here is the one of the shocking fact revealed about the dreams, that humans spend up to six years in dreaming in their entire life.