7 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Weight REAL FAST!


Cut Those Extra Kilos Cleverly Now!
Everyone likes to be healthy and fit. These days due to one’s busy schedule it is very difficult to maintain a routine. I have myself seen a lot of people who draw diet charts, join gyms, visit dietitians, etc but are not able to follow it religiously. There are some who just hate doing exercise. Is there is a way out? Can one skip the gym and still lose these extra nasty kilos on one’s body. Good News! Yes! there are few ways which will help you lose weight.

#1. Get Up Early

Gym Trainers and Dieticians always suggest that exercising early in the morning boosts your day with energy. It fills you with a vital spark.

#2. Don’t Prevent Eating Anything


It is so normal that whatever we are prohibited from doing, our tendency is to do it with more effort than before. Don’t just cut your diet and stop eating what you love, but eat in control. Eat in a limit which is harmless for your health.

#3. What The Fork


According to a research using a big fork leads you to eat less and using a small fork leads you to eat more. Strange but true.

#4. Spend Time With Your Food

Just as your work, friends, family, etc need time, so does your food. Sit peacefully with it and chew it properly. Most importantly eat till satisfaction but don’t overeat.

#5. Green Is The New Trend

Green Tea is the most beneficial drink to reduce weight. More than 30% calories can be lost if green tea is drunk.

#6. Do The In-Hand Exercises

Instead of the lift, climb the stairs. Rather than using the shortcut use the long routes. If your workplace or study center is nearby then walk up to it. Clean your house yourself.

#7. Cook Yourself

Home is home, cook your own food at home. The food which we buy outside is not at all healthy in any way.