7 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Growing Unhealthy


Everyone try to portray themselves in a very happy and healthy relationship. But you need to keep your eye open to observe when your relationship is taking a turn for the worse. It is good to act as a support to the other partner, but completely denying him/her of his right to make a decision is not love. Yes, when you are in a relationship, you tend to feel a little bit of jealousy but not letting your partner even have friends of opposite gender is not a healthy sign.

Yes, you should keep your eye open to whatever is happening in your partner’s life, but please learn to trust also. This will help you keep the relation healthier.

So, it’s a request to identify your relationship and work on it. Also, if both of you want this relation than only it will work. Single sided things don’t serve much, always remember.

Here we have a list of signs that will help you took wise decisions.

1. PHYSICAL ABUSE – When either of your partners resorts to any sort of physical violence, then it’s a sign of relationship turning unhealthy.



2. VERBAL ABUSE – When your partner, starts talking to you in foul language or disrespectfully, in public or private, it’s a warning!



3. LACK OF EMOTIONAL INTIMACY – When you both are unable to share your emotional troubles, weakness, fear, feelings, then it’s a warning!



4. SEXUAL INTIMACY – Either too less of physical intimacy or too much dependency for sex in a relationship is always unhealthy.



5. CONTROLLING – where are are you,who are you with, you will not do this!! when your partner starts controlling your life, it’s unhealthy!



6. JEALOUS BEHAVIOUR – A healthy jealousy always spices up your relationship, but when this turns into possessiveness, it’s unhealthy.



7. THREATENING TO LEAVE – I will leave you, I am breaking up with you, etc to make you emotionally weak and getting his/her work done.


So, best of luck with your lives and relationships.